The Studio

Clean, modern and minimal. We let your body do the talking. With over 800sq ft of usable space to play in. Comfortable and welcoming is how we feel you should feel when you step into the space and watch as we transform everything into amazing pieces of art that is you.

Also offered with the studio is access to our extensive client wardrobe. Carrying all sizes and styles to accommodate you and remove the stress of lingerie shopping.


Our line of luxurious long lasting albums are the shit. Seriously I love them so much that every time I order a client album I question if I should order 2, one for me, one for you. That's how good they are. But aside from how they look is how they feel. From the cover material options to the actual archival print paper that is rated to last over 100 years, do I need to say more?

Cover Options: Genuine + Faux Leathers, Velvet, Suede & Linen


These aren't your basic prints. They are durable, thick mounted, long lasting pieces of art that you'll cherish for your entire life. The don't just look good but they feel good, beautiful texture and quality all in one. This is something you can't get at your local Walmart photo Centre.

Coming in sets of 10 or 20

Print Finishes Available: Fine-Art Matte, Lustre & Glossy.